Navigating Land Buying

Land buying in Kenya is a tedious and tricky process. Many have burnt their fingers trying to procure land. Buyers have fallen victim to conniving land brokers, corrupt land officials

Key To Tomorrow’s Home

With the rise of exclusive residential developments in the last few years, inclusion of more appealing features that satisfy the needs of potential and actual buyers

Tips For Owning A Home

TIPS FOR OWNING A HOME What is involved in buying a residential property? Buying a home is an exciting time. But, as one of the largest purchases you’re likely to make, it can

Buying Or Renting Commercial Space

Commercial business premises have become a hot-cake in the property market in Nairobi and leading urban towns. The allure of ultra-modern offices in up-market

Key Changes In Land Business That Investors Ought To Know

Individuals in real estate will bear me witness that land transactions have changed due to