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The Property Purchase Process

The client engages with a Relationship Manager via email, phone, Skype or all the above. The Relationship Manager provides all the information that the client will need on the property they have identified and are interested in.
Depending on whether the enquiry is about purchase or investment, the relevant document is sent out – for Purchase: product portfolio and for investment: a Value Proposition.
A site visit is arranged to verify that the property exits and to better choose the preferred plot or house. The diaspora client advises on who will go for the site visit on their behalf.
The client is furnished with the relevant documents to facilitate undertaking due diligence on the property.
Once the client chooses a plot or house from the available inventory, booking is done using a Reservation Form. The Reservation Form can be downloaded hereThe Reservation Form captures the client’s details and agreed on payment plan. Upon reserving the property, the client has a maximum of seven (7) days to pay the deposit amount stipulated on the reservation form.
The client can pay for the property in cash (i.e. within 30 days) or in installments. The installment payments are as agreed upon and as indicated on the Reservation Form. Payment can be done via Cheque, Mpesa, Bank Transfer or Online payment.
Upon request, more so to facilitate getting a loan/mortgage, an offer is issued.
Upon payment of 30% of the property’s selling price, the client receives the Draft Sale Agreement to review, discuss and finalize. We recommend that the client engages a Lawyer in the review of the Draft Sale Agreement. After review of the draft, the agreed on amendments to the draft will be incorporated in the Final Sale Agreement.
Upon full payment of the property’s selling price, the ownership document (Title/Lease Agreement) will be issued.